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    Fast growing Software Solutions Company

    We are a strong team of talent that has come together with a common goal of delivering commercially successful software that makes a difference in our everyday lives.

    DreamLab Ltd is an indigenous Nigerian company that competes globally in quality and service. We work with clients to have a good and clear understanding of their organizations to proffer software solutions that are driven by actual needs and value. We also collaborate with originators of great ideas to co-found fast growing internet companies by leveraging on existing skill set and partnerships.

    web designer in Abuja

    Cutting-Edge Web and Mobile Solutions

    We are in the business of generating more income for our clients through process automation. We work with Government agencies, educational institutions and large organizations to increase their revenue, block leakages and automate processes to reduce their costs.

    Over the years we have built the capacity and an extensive library in the latest web/mobile technologies, partnerships and techniques that allows us to design, develop and manage software application solutions for our clients rapidly.

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  • How we do it

    Meet our customer’s needs every time

    Many Nigeria Organizations are fraught with missed revenue opportunities, fraud and inefficient processes. We work with organizations in using web and mobile technologies to proffer solutions that solve these problems and generate greater profits.

    We are strong in the use of agile methodologies. We break down large projects into small phases and deliver each phase as a functional, tangible and working unit, incrementally in a timely manner, while aligning each phase with the overall goal of the project.

    Our clients also enjoy flexible and innovative payment methods including zero financing models and installment payments over an agreed period.

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  • Why us

    Our customers get value

    We currently have presence in London and across Nigeria in Abuja, Portharcort, Kwara, Lagos, Kebbi and several other States delivering business-focused solutions on time to meet the goals as set out from day 1.

    Our solutions compete globally in quality and service. With over a decade experience and over 90% customer retention rate, we manage software projects, developing, configuring and deploying software solutions for several organizations.

    Over the years we have implemented various software solutions for broad range of organisations including educational, financial, retail and entertainment industries in Nigeria, UK and US.

    web designer in abuja
  • web designer in abuja

    love software

    We are passionate about web and mobile solutions that improves your bottom line.

  • web designer in abuja

    build dreams

    From idea validation to funding, development, launch, growth and support we work with you to build successful products

  • web designer in abuja

    Reliable In-time Delivery

    Our products and services are delivered on time and according to specification all the time.

  • web designer in abuja


    Our support Service assures prompt and complete assistance any day of the year.

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