Prestige Academy App

About Project:

Prestige Academy App, developed by our experienced and highly competent engineering team at Dreamlabs Nigeria Ltd, for our client (Dubarchitect).

We developed an interactive, membership-based, portfolio-showcase mobile application where networking opportunities can be made available for registered members. The application, as mentioned is membership-based and also provides the guest users with the privilege of information access in the application. Core functionalities also cover the chat section between members and training administration to members.

Core Objective of the App

• To create a membership-based platform for professionals and artisans
• To provide a platform for networking potentials and growth prospects.

About Client

PPIDA primarily promotes and regulates its member's professional practice towards achieving top class interior space designs and quality craftsmanship, while providing a one-stop solution for anyone who desires an excellent interior finish.
The Academy equips its certified career members towards efficiency, professionalism, career building and international business development in the field of Interior Design while providing consultancy and supervisory services to homeowners during their individual projects. We achieve these standards through periodic training programs for members geared towards enhancing their skills in MATERIAL SPECIFICATIONS, DESIGN CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT AND USE OF PRECISION EQUIPMENT TO ENHANCE EXCELLENT CRAFTMANSHIP while deploying an excellent eye for details during project implementation.