About Project:


RevPro (Developed by Dreamlabs Nigeria Ltd) is a centralized billing and revenue management system, built to automate revenue collections, and Treasury Single Account TSA in Nigerian states and local governments (LGA).

RevPro is designed to provide revenue management solutions to both the formal and informal sectors in Nigeria. With an omnichannel experience, the web and mobile-based applications are designed to aid the collection and payments for government services and taxes, scan and verify invoices, remit collected cash payments to the government accounts, as well as, provide the history of all financial transactions while handling Settlement and Reconciliation through its reporting module in order to maintain transparency and accountability.

With RevPro, governments and their relevant agencies are better able to track, monitor, and manage the revenue they receive from different sources Ministries, Departments, Agencies (MDA) owing to modules that provide real-time visibility for all parties involved through a comprehensive report of all transactions made including cash, credit card, and cashless payments.


  • Revenue Management and Collection on the go;

RevPro aids governments in managing and administering their revenue using the following features:

  1. E-Invoicing and E-Receipting,
  2. Payment splitting and settlement management.
  3. Remittance management
  • Taxpayer Information Management

The taxpayer information management module of RevPro is firmly integrated with a tax entity information extension to effectively collect and connect various tax-paying entities.

  • Mobile and Mobile POS Revenue Collection Module

The mobile POS application is an Android application that is installable on mobile phones and Android mobile POS. The mobile POS applications work online and offline to generate and print e-invoices and e-receipts.

  • System Administration Module

Provides the base administration functions for the entire application. It houses the security features, user and user privilege management, approval workflows, database backup, recovery, and more.

  • Advanced live monitoring and reporting

The system provides for real-time monitoring, evaluating, and reporting of live transactions as it occurs through the help of a dashboard.


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